• Natural Blend Performance


    Oil Enhanced Natural Grain Blend for Horses, Beef Cattle and Goats

    Purpose: Natural Blend Performance Dry Grain Blend is a premium horse feed ideal for growth, performance, breeding and maintenance horses aged from yearlings to seniors. Natural Blend 12/10 is fortified with Stride supplement to provide yeast culture, probiotics, kelp meal, and chelated organic trace minerals. This formula contains 10% fat to provide “Cool Energy” calories for maximum performance and appearance.


    • Fortified with Stride for optimum performance and appearance.
    • Contains “Cool Energy” calories from 10% vegetable fat rich in Omega fatty acids.
    • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific names of the ingredients in this feed.
    • Chelated trace minerals and organic selenium with extra E used for maximum absorption
    • Probiotics and Yeast Culture included for maximum nutrient utilization and safety.
    • Critical amino acids, trace minerals and vitamin levels, including Biotin, are guaranteed.
    • Appropriate ingredient tests for aflatoxins and specific mycotoxin levels are performed.
    • Clean, dry, natural grain-based blend with vegetable oil coating for increased energy.
    • Balanced life cycle nutrients appropriate for each life phase.
    • Local order /  pick up only.