Race Horse Oats


Bluebonnet selects quality heavy northern oats which must first pass strict quality control tests before being accepted. These large plump white oats are grown in the north, where the long cool growing season develops the best quality oats.

 The process of to get Triple-Cleaned oats begins with the 1st step that includes using strong magnets to remove any metal, from tiny powder to larger particles.  The 2nd step is air aspiration which passes the suspended oats through high velocity air to remove fine dust and light oats. For the 3rd and final step the oats pass through a set of vibrating screens which separate out small oats, oat straw and undesirable material. The oats are then air aspirated again to remove the final fine dust and light oats. Only at this point are the oats good enough to be branded Bluebonnet®.

 Our oats are then coated with high quality Omega 3 rich vegetable oils. These "Energy Enhanced" oats are higher in fat and calories provided by our "Cool Energy" technology. 

50# bags

  • Local order /  pick up only.