• Trophy Maker Game Feed Antler Blaster


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    Trophy Maker Antler Blaster is a Pelleted Deer Feed Designed to Support Muscle & Antler Development of Bucks and Support Doe throughout Pregnancy & Lactation.

    * Contains beta-glucans and mannanoligosaccharides for improved immune response and defense against harmful pathogens.
    * Probiotics and prebiotics included for efficient digestion and feed conversion.
    * “Cool energy” calorie sources help maintain better body condition with less feed.
    * Critical amino acids included for optimum growth rates and protein conversion.
    * Organic forms of copper, zinc, and manganese ensure maximum absorption of essential trace minerals.
    * Vitamin E for optimal antioxidant activity and immune support.
    * Fortified with B-vitamins to stimulate intake and nutrient absorption.
    * “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific ingredient names in this feed. By-Product labeling is not used.
    * Ingredients are tested for aflatoxin and mycotoxin levels before use.
    * Excellent palatability - a taste deer love!

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