Trophy Maker Wildlife Granola Block


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Trophy Maker® Wildlife Granola Block is a natural protein block fortified with vitamins and minerals. This weather resistant block is ideal for supplemental feeding stations for wild game such as deer, quail, dove, goats, and sheep. Wild animals love the unique and attractive sweet acorn and molasses flavor

Ideal 20 pound block to use as a supplemental feeding station for wild game that supplies balanced levels of protein, vitamins and minerals contained in an exclusive sweet acorn and molasses flavored formula to supplement natural forage and browse.

Weather resistant blocks provide a palatable nutritious feeding station in a convenient 20lb. size. Perfect for deer, goats, sheep and other wildlife.

Full spectrum mineral supplementation including calcium, phosphorus, salt, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, iodine and selenium is included to provide meaningful levels of supplementation to improve growth and antler development. Provides the vitamins necessary for optimum development and breeding performance.

Added B vitamins to help provide needed nutrition especially during times of stress.
Formulated by specialists in wildlife nutrition in an easy to feed, economical and balanced supplement that animals love!